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Watch our Pew Restoration Videos!
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Church Pew Repair Services

Worship Interiors Group specializes in restoring church furniture to bring out its original warmth and beauty. We aim to enhance your place of worship by providing state-of-the-art restoration and church-pew repair services throughout California, Riverside, CA, and the surrounding areas. We understand that you want the interior of your church to look its best and we are committed to helping you restore the beauty of your church with our comprehensive furniture repair service.

Veneer RepairsVeneer Repairs

Professional Church-Pew Repair Services

We have been repairing church pews of all types for many years and we have seen every type of repair possible. Over time, the majority of pews will crack due to the pressures placed on the wood by expansion and contraction; the veneers may begin to chip and peel on the ends and pew supports due to vacuums hitting against them. After completing thousands of repairs, you can feel confident knowing we have the expertise to fully repair your pews to their original condition.

Our craftsmen work carefully to ensure your pews are treated with the utmost attention to detail. We perform all of the needed repairs accurately and efficiently so your congregation can enjoy using fully-restored pews at every service. At Worship Interiors Group, we are proud to provide quality repairs completed according to the highest standards.

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Contact Worship Interiors Group for more information about our services and products by calling us at 1(888) 840-2588. We look forward to providing you with the quality pew repair services you need at competitive prices, so give us a call today and begin creating a beautiful worship interior for your church.

Cracked Supports:

Cracked Supports cracked supports
Cracked Supports Cracked Supports

Broken Particle board repaired with epoxy and sanded smooth.

Broken Particle Board Repair Broken Particle Board Repair

Broken Particle Board Repair

Pew Repair

Pew Repair Pew Repair