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Stained Glass Services

Worship Interiors Group offers professional stained glass services for church interiors including installing new windows, frames, and restoration services. Bring your church to life with professional stained glass restoration and cleaning services. Our professional stained glass technicians will carefully restore the glass in your church to its original condition. We work diligently and carefully to ensure the best results for a fully enhanced interior.

Maintaining Structural Integrity

Although stained glass windows are visually stunning, without a sound structural base, they can readily deteriorate. Each year we receive requests to completely restore the structure of stained glass windows. We understand how to use the most appropriate methods and materials to ensure your stained glass windows are structurally sound.

Stained Glass: Frames

We utilize the highest grade wood that when cared for can last for more than a century. Each customer can then select the color and finish of their choosing to match with their interior. We take the time to carefully install each frame to make sure that it lasts for a long time.

Stained Glass: Windows

Beautiful stained glass windows add a spiritual and historical element to your place of worship. For centuries, stained glass windows have been used to depict religious scenes and imbue a church with a sacred atmosphere. At Worship Interiors, we recognize the value and importance of your stained glass windows and strive to provide the best services in partnership with Bovard Studios, a trusted restoration company.

Stained Glass: Restoration

Worship Interiors Group is an expert restoration company delivering unsurpassed workmanship in Church restorations. What sets us apart is our great artistic talent and our high level of professionalism and craftsmanship.

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